therapeutical and educational applications of the game of go

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the Yasuda - Shigeno teaching method
therapeutical applications
educational applications


This article describes the therapeutical and educational applications of the game of go. The results are based on actual experience. It is also discussed why go is such a suitable game for these applications.

go features

Go has a reputation of being a difficult game. While it is true that played at a competition level, it is several orders of magnitude more complex that chess or awale, the simplicity of its rules make it an excellent tool to be used with therapeutical and educational purposes.

About 10 years ago, Yasuda Sensei realized about this fact. He started then a project based on exploiting the simplicity of the game and use it as an educational and therapeutical tool.

This task was not easy, since the Japanese go society was skeptic about the way he used to explain the rules. But he has been able to slowly convince it about the new approach he has given to the game of go.

go around the world

Go is an ancient oriental board game. Therefore, it is mainly known and played in Eastern countries, such as Japan, Korea and China, where there are professional players who earn money through their participation in sponsored tournaments. In Western countries, go is played mainly by amateurs, although there is a very active competition scene, mainly in Europe and the USA.

Yuki Shigeno sensei started a series of trips all around the world to spread the teaching method incepted by Yasuda, and also enhanced by her. She was hosted by local go players and institutions, who were most amazed and shocked discovering the way she taught go to children.

Among the countries she has visited are most of Europe (including western and eastern), many USA states, Cuba, India, etc.

about the authors

Yasuda : Nihon ki-in 9-dan professional player. Inceptor of the method that is discussed on this report. Has raised a foundation to support with actual experience his theories

Shigeno : Nihon ki-in 2-dan professional player. Has spread go and the Yasuda-Shigeno method in many countries of the world (Europe, US, Cuba, India, ...)

Baroja : Teacher and educator. Has developed educational contents that use the game of go. Founder of the moyo go institute.

Gonzalez : Go player. Has learned from Shigeno the use of go and applied it in several schools in Catalonia. Has participated on the 1st international go symposium in Sendai, Japan (june 2000). Founder of the moyo go institute.

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