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1.1 the game of GO

GO is a Chinese board game, in which luck has no importance, but each player strategy. It is considered on of the most ancient games. Competitions are played all around the world, and in Far East there are professional players. To learn the rules, click here.

Games in general have a set of educational and therapeutical applications. But GO has, besides those common to all games, some features that make it specially appropiate as an educational and even therapeutical tool.

This game develops, specially the first times it is used, two very important factor, that unfortunately are not taken into account as goals on educational systems: Attention and self-steem. Besides, it can also be used to work out things like respect.

The game of GO has been successfully used in Japan with conflictive children, in hospitals, in mental hospitals and orphanates. In Catalonia we also have experience with children of diversity attention

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